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Become an Intelligent Career Coach!

Learning to become an Intelligent Career Coach is especially useful if you are a personnel development expert responsible for employee motivation and professional development, or you are a career development coach.

An intelligent career means that a person can understand his/her true desires, needs, and values at a specific time in life and can organise his/her professional life to correspond to that, and so that it is as efficient as possible. The intelligent career approach addresses professional employment issues from 3 aspects: why is a person doing what he/she is doing? (motivation); how does a person secure professional success? (behaviour, competencies); and with whom? (inner and outer circle of contacts). The intelligent career coaching method is suitable for people who work in a cognitive and/or emotional job.

Become an Intelligent Career Coach if you:

  • believe a person should be happy at work;

  • are experienced in working with people;

  • have learned basic coaching skills.

Training takes place as a career consultation process - 6 meetings over 4-5 months. Training takes place in pairs.

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