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Leader`s Log Book

The Leader’s Log Book is a practical aid for a leader. It will help you to understand when and which leadership tools to use to ensure your own efficiency as well as outstanding results from teamwork. 

The leadership principles included in the Log Book are based on leadership experience in different sized companies and various sectors over many years.

How do you use the Leader’s Log Book?

  • The Leader’s Log Book should be used as a notepad where you jot down things to be done, things accomplished, questions to think about and during meetings you can make sketches and doodles that only you will understand.

  • The Leader’s Log Book is a place for your goals for a year, month, and if you wish for each day. You can flip back a few pages and evaluate your achievements.

  • The Leader’s Log Book will tell you what to do and how to act in the everyday situations of a leader.

The authors of the Leadership Log Book are Anita Gaile and Jolanta Jansone who have gathered and honed their leadership experience over many years in different sized companies in various sectors. The design of the book was created by Ilze Magdalēna Kļaviņa.

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