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New beginnings

Last couple of months I’ve dedicated to reformulate my mision, vision and values. This is what you should start with when considering new beginnings isn’t it? Exactly like from the text book. However my path towards new mision, vision and values was rather rocky. I would not expect that from the career and change management professional as I consider myself to be. So, comes this blog to capture the signs that you are on your new beginning.

Before something new, there’s something what ends. In my case – I achieved all goals I’ve set for myself when I started my solo- or mum-preneurship. It took me 10 years, and I was there – completed all goals I’ve set - family, business, development, and finances. I started closing some long-time collaborations, employment in academia. But that didn’t brought the expected feeling of renewal. Rather everything continued by inertia.

I started a couple of new things. Together with partners we created the educational platform on change management I started to write a book on people management. Still – the expected boost of ne energy wasn’ t there.

I decided to put on hold everything. The opportunity came and for the four amazing months I was free.  The only thing I did was learning and caring only for me. After my study-spa at University of Buffalo I returned home and got fully engaged in life and work. Later, when I tried to pull together what really happened in 2023, I wrote down more than 30 things which I’ve done first time in my life. Seeing the whales and handshaking with the President were the least of that list.

Still it didn’t helped. I continued to go with a flow, being unhappy, but not realizing that I miss my own star to follow. I took a week off to spend it in the silence.

The idea to participate in the selection process for internal vacancy at my university came across. Somewhere deep inside I knew that it is a lost case from the very beginning. If someone woul’ve had seriously considered me as a candidate, I would have gotten the job offer already. But I needed this experience, so I applied. I didn’t got the job, but I’ ve got the clarity what I need.

During interview process there were few situations where I heard myself saying that I’m not clear on the strategy of the organization. Then it clicked – I didn’t had my own strategy for future.  I kept asking it from others. But the problem is – I don’t have it on my own. I’m projecting the problem!

Three coaches and 7 coaching session later, here I am clear on what my future story will be about. It will be about you –individual,loving freedom, technologically advanced, pursuing your global career, growing personally and professionally, ambitious, looking for any chance to promote peace and collaboration.

So, what you can learn from my story:

1.      Every 7-10 years you will find yourself wondering around the questions “Who am I? “, and “What’s next?”

2.      Embrace for the long journey – it may take up to 1-7 years to figure your next move

3.      Start with silence. Say “thank you!” to all your experiences and learnings so far. Look for the possible future scenarious.

4.      Experiment. Close some businesses, relationships. Try new ones.

5.      Employ support – coach, therapist, supervisor, good friend. Each can do a good job as beeing honest sounding board.

6.      Define your mission, vision and values.

And now let's work!


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