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Employee Satisfaction surveys

This is an opportunity to find out what is really happening (and could happen) in your organisation. Being aware of the employee satisfaction level about various issues will allow you to address problems before they do harm to the company and make use of the company’s strengths. What makes people satisfied in a company? The manager? Working conditions? Pay? Opportunity for development? What do employees value most, and what has the greatest impact on employee satisfaction and motivation?

An employee satisfaction study combines several methods such as quality and quantity data analysis, correlation and causation, and developing solutions.

Main benefits from an employee satisfaction survey:

  • being aware of employee opinions about company processes, microclimate and management practices

  • an opportunity to stress desirable employee behaviour models in the company

  • determining which company practices have the greatest impact on employee satisfaction

  • preparing further development plans for the company and satisfying the true needs of employees

  • creating an open and supportive work environment

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