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“Professional Identity”

The first masterclass for a successful career: Professional Identity.  Professional identity is about getting to know yourself and being aware of yourself in a professional setting. In the masterclass I use 4 different methods to help you to know yourself and become aware of your capabilities and inner motivation.


The career orientation index involves recognizing the important areas of your life, SWOT (strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis – to be aware of your capabilities and opportunities, work with individual values to be conscious of your driving force, and intelligent career coaching cards will reveal a person’s true motivators.

Reviews from participants:

"I received advice from other participants, experience, suggestions and life stories; very untypical to tell people about yourself and listen to other opinions about a situation."

"It brought order to my feelings about my current situation. The sense that I am thinking about myself and that it is important. Useful to find out how others see it. "

"Conclusions about myself – becoming conscious of my professional identity. A wonderful opportunity to have a dialogue with yourself and gain insight from other people who have no opinion of me. And an opportunity to help others with your own insight/opinion of their development."

"It was an opportunity to reflect on myself in relation to my professional identity and to formulate what isn’t really working in my everyday life."

"I defined my core values. I learned a lot about myself."

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