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Coaching for Leaders

Leadership is knowledge, practice, and art (Peter Drucker). Individual coaching sessions for leaders are individual sessions to better understand yourself, to understand and solve problem situations, to develop your competence. Coaching is beneficial both for new and experienced leaders.

Coaching for leaders will help to:

  • analyse and discuss work scenarios

  • understand the emotional reactions of you and your employees

  • learn about management models, which are best for specific situations

  • gain the confidence necessary that you are a good leader

Team Coaching 

Efficient teamwork where people work together to achieve a goal, understand each other at a glance, and provide emotional support for each other sounds like utopia, but it is worth striving for. If the energy, that is lost when we don’t hear, don’t want to hear, misunderstand each other, or sabotage other people’s ideas, was used to work effectively, the results would be very different.  Do you agree? Then it’s time to invite your team to coaching.  There will be winners all around – the leader, the team, and the company.

Team Coaching will help:

  • to create a strategy for teamwork

  • to define values for each member and the team as a whole

  • to agree on a goal and to find a balance between each team member’s investment and return

Organisational Strategy Development Seminars

You will not only define your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, but you will develop a specific action plan focused on how people working in your organisation can have influence and what is most important. In Organisational Strategy Development Seminars, we use Peter Senge’s change management, SWOT analyses, the KETSO method, and a change management map. The seminar will be most effective if the management team of an organisation participates. 

My seminars cover the following:

  • What is your organisation’s history? What are your greatest successes, and what are your biggest mistakes?

  • What has the organisation learned from its experience?

  • What are the future perspectives? How many lines of development can you define? How can you choose one?

  • What can the organisation influence, and what not?

  • How can you harness your team power to achieve your goals? How should you divide responsibilities and agree on a plan of action?

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