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Leader`s Cheet Sheet

The Cheat Sheet if something to keep close at hand on your desk or in your jacket pocket. In a complicated situation you can pull out the right card and see the situation from a different perspective – by putting on a smile or performing simple practical actions to nudge the situation out of its frozen status. 

The best format for a cheat sheet – palm sized cards with solutions for 20 complicated situations in a manager’s job. Each solution is based on academic findings and years of practical application.

Each of the 20 solutions has been illustrated by cartoonist Gatis Šļūka. Sometimes a little humour allows you to see the situation from a different viewpoint and find a solution. 

The set of cards is a lovely gift for a leader – humorous and useful!

Available in Latvian, English, and Russian.

#padomi_vadītājam #humors_darbā #dāvana_vadītājam #risinājums_ir_vienmēr

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