Professional Identity

The first successful career master class "Professional Identity". Professional identity is about self-awareness and awareness in a professional environment. The masterclass uses 4 different methods to get to know yourself, to know your skills and inner motivation. The Career Orientation Index helps you to see your important areas of life, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) - to explore your skills and opportunities, work with individual values allows you to look at your driving force, and intelligent career cards reveal the true motivators of a person.

Reviews from participants:

  • I got advices from other members, experiences, suggestions and stories from life; It's so unusual to talk about yourself and listen to the opinions of others about situations.
  • A harmonized feelings of the current situation. Feeling that I think about myself and it is important. Valuable how others see it.
  • Knowledge about myself - awareness of my professional identity. Such a great opportunity to interact with myself and get an outsider's opinion - from people who do not have any opinion about me. And the opportunity to help others with their vision / views for their development.
  • Had an opportunity to think about myself regarding my professional identity and to formulate what has never succeeded on a daily basis.
  • Defined what is my main core value. I learned a lot about myself.