Discover Your Career Potential!

Job and careers are very important in every person's life. We all want the work to fulfill our dreams and intentions to create a sense of satisfaction and allow us to become one of the best "I". What if the dream job does come in hands? Or better yet - you are already working the "dream" job, but something inside nibbles? Or maybe a break in career paths has occurred and now is the time to understand what a successful career means to you? If so, come to the workshops already this fall!

Achievement Communication

Successful career prerequisites

 WHEN? October 4th

AT WHAT TIME? 17:30 - 20:30

Your benefits: self-esteem, pride for accomplishment, new and courageous professional goals, the ability to dream again

Used methods: case studies, storytelling, Intelligent Career Coaching

Entry fee: EUR 39 + VAT

 The assumption that "I will work well and then I will be noticed and appreciated" may have worked at the beginning of the last century. Today, to accomplish your professional goals, good work alone is not enough. Nowadays, we must be able to show ourselves both working in big company and competing in the global labor market. Know how to tell about your skills and competences, the company or projects you are currently working on and build a personal brand that matches your professional ambitions.

In the master class, we will learn how to define the value we create in our workplace, how to best tell about it at the current workplace, finding new professional challenges, and building the image of our professional identity in social networks; we will build our self-esteem.

Collaboration or competition?

Successful career prerequisites


WHEN? October 18

AT WHAT TIME? 17:30 - 20:30

Your benefits: The ability to "sell" yourself, joy to go to work, good relationships with colleagues and managers

Methods used: expectation theory, social exchange theory, Intelligent Career Coaching

Entry fee: EUR 39 + VAT


Scientific research shows that good working relationships are one of the most important prerequisites for a successful career. People who have a friend are more successful and happier at work. People who are trusted by their managers reach more. How to build relationships at work to realize your professional potential?

In the master class, we will understand what is meant by effective working relationships and the principles of good co-operation, and whether and how to be and stay in good role, regardless of any situations occurring at work.