Become a Career Coach

An intelligent (maybe "smart") career means a person's ability to understand true desires, needs and values at a specific moment in life, and to organize professional life in such a way as to maximize  effectiveness. A smart career approach solves professional employment issues in 3 aspects - why does a person do what he/she does? (motivation); how does a person achieve professional success? (behavior, competences); and with whom?(closer and further contact circle). The approach is based on a deep self-reflection of 3-4 months, with the aim of understanding your priorities and developing an action plan for the next 12 months to realize your career dreams. Here's more about the method:

Become a smart career coach if

  • believe that people should be happy at work;
  • you have a long-term professional experience in working with people;
  • you have mastered basic coaching skills.


The training takes place as a career counseling process - 6 meetings in 4-5 months. Learning takes place in pairs.

If interested, write to: