Individual Career Consultations

Career consultations for people with experience. For those who have already gone some time in their career path, but now suddenly they have come to a crossroads or the place where seemingly road has ended. Career counseling method, which is developed by the world's leading scientists in the field of modern career management Dr. Michael B. Arthur and Dr. Polly Parker, will help you find answers to questions which perhaps you never thought to ask for yourself in relations to career.

Career counseling / coaching cycle of 3-4 months duration lets you get to the real cornerstones of your career, understand your professional identity and develop an action plan to achieve your career goals.

Focus of the meetings:

  • What is a career. What are the careers. Career plateau. Career orientation.
  • Why? - To understand the human driving factors and aspects
  • How to? - What is the way how to reach the best results? What are the ways how to achieve even better results, but are not being used? And whether it is good or bad?
  • With whom? - What is the range of people that help to build a career, and how? What a person can do to make this circle expand or improve the quality? Do you need it or not? And if so - in what direction?
  • Common career topics
  • Action plan for the establishment of your career goals

Consultation price: 65 EUR + VAT

Applying for 6 consulting cycle and distributing a payment in no more than 3 parts - 300 EUR + VAT

For encouragement – there are customers who have resolved their career knots just by applying for career consultations.



Sandra Grunde, HR Manager, SmartLynx Airlines Ltd.

Every company wants to get the right employees in the right place and career coaching is a powerful tool for that possibility. It takes time, serious attitude and work as a result the benefit is felt on both sides - for employer inspired specialists in the right place, for employee structured reasoning for own work program. This is an innovative tool for recruitment and talent development with sustainable benefit.