2 days seminar - People Management Skills

People Management Skills is a 2-day intensive course for young and aspiring managers. People management is about -  to identify the role and responsibility of manager, to understand management concepts- management competence, management style and management functions, as well as acquiring practical management tools - prioritization, delegation and terms of enabling tasks and giving feedback.


  • Manager`s role and responsibility
  • Effective manager`s competencies
  • Management functions
  • Planning
  • Delegating and feedback provision
  • Motivation and motivating
  • Control
  • Professional development tools


  • Understanding and awareness of the manager`s role
  • Assumption of responsibility
  • Effective communication in work daily basis
  • Ability to set priorities
  • Ability to delegate and give feedback
  • Orientation on development

Reviews of course visitors:

  • The benefit is the whole course because it has a lot of fantastic information.
  • I got a chance to find competences for improvement in myself.
  • I gained approval for my vision of what should be a manager and what team to build around.
  • I gained approval for feedback-building and how to build a successful team.
  • The main thing I gained was understanding of the manager`s competencies. And I realized with what to start!
  • Employee motivation, manager competency, leadership styles is what I will certainly take into account.
  • Opportunity to personally invert, create and implement the development plan!
  • Recorded 20 essential things, which I will use in future work.
  • The whole program was perfectly made, everything was binding and useful.

Price: 398 EUR +VAT