How to Motivate a Talent in the 21st Century?

Talent is value. Quite precisely, it was a measure of weight and money in the ancient Hellenic lands. And it is not surprising that today, when evaluating organizations, both owners of capital and employees, value them by the organization's ability to attract and retain talent. At one point, the "war on talents" became so popular that Armstrong, a human resources management scholar, described long and complex talent management schemes in his book. They are good, but today they are no longer working. Do not work because everyone knows that they are talents. Do not work because everything needs to be done now and immediately. Do not work because new competences are more often outside the company than inside it. And in general, this is an administrative heavy and costly process. But talent is still a value. How to increase it without additional costs and bureaucracy?

How to motivate a talent in the 21st century is one-day seminar about:

  • How to help each one discover his/her talent?
  • How to talk and motivate young talent?
  • How to systematize individualism?

Seminar Content:

  1. Post-capitalism in the labor market and the organization in which talents are willing to work.
  2. Career coaching for talent identification.
  3. Talent needs and their satisfaction tools in the organization.

Seminar for all of those who think that it is time to increase the competitiveness of their company (organization) in the labor market. For all of those who believe that the best possible solutions can only be imagined by their own people. For all of those who are looking for answers to the questions: why? how to? and with what? become more efficient?