Provision of Feedback

Feedback - value, process and human.

Being appreciated is one of the basic needs of a person. The feedback on the work done is a manager's tool to tell the employee how important is the work that employee is doing. Feedback should be provided both after a good job and also if the work has failed as intended. And it is important that a positive assessment is given at least 3 times more often than criticism is made.

 However, the most important thing when giving feedback is not to say something but to get the other party to actually hear what is being said.

So at this seminar about:

  • why the feedback is so important; feedback value;
  • how to predict and prevent possible interruptions in the reception of the message; communication process during feedback;
  • How to motivate people to change their work habits.

 Ability to provide feedback:

  • improves employees' motivation and involvement in the company's work, because they finally feel appreciated;
  • improves the performance of companies as employees know that their work is important.

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