Training Course 'Change Management'

Change Management is a one-day training seminar for managers, project managers and specialists who manage innovation. Change management takes place in 3 levels: individual, team, organization or business. The seminar will identify the role and responsibility of the manager while leading change in each of the levels by learning the appropriate change management models and tools. Particular attention is paid to the parties involved in the management process to ensure that all support the envisaged changes.


  • What is the value that will be created as a result of change? How to define it? And how to create it?
  • What are the main benefits of change and what is the price that must be paid for changes to happen?
  • How to plan change?
  • How to convince employee?
  • How to spot and celebrate small and large victories, partners and others who are interested in supporting change?


  • The ability to define the value of the changes.
  • Involved and interested employees and partners.
  • Changes that take place as planned.


A review for the change management program from DNB Bank Corporation:

Anita Āboltiņa | Head of Leadership and Competence Development in the Baltics

We managed to organize a "change program" for DNB affiliate employees at a right time - - less than a year before the cash withdrawal from DNB's affiliates and with it related reorganization of the affiliate network, affecting all affiliates altogether. The change program was well appreciated by the participants, employees of the affiliates perceived it as taking care of them not only as employees, but also as people. When the change really came, the employees were ready for them and the managers did not have to face confusion or resistance. In addition, 70% of employees whose jobs were reduced due to changes in the structure, found other positions in the bank - thanks to the activity of the employees themselves by applying for internal vacancies.