Engagement and Motivation

Engagement is a modern concept that is often used to replace already depleted "motivation" or "job satisfaction". However, engagement is neither one nor the other. Engagement is not even the responsibility of the organization. Engagement is an active interaction and collaboration between the organization and the people who work there. Engagement is demanding both for the employer and the worker.

This seminar is designed to help everyone understand what exactly is what the employee expects from his employer, is it really realistic what can an employee do to get what I really need for effective work? In seminar there is also the opportunity to take on the role of employer and look at our daily lives from the point of view where probably currency fluctuations on the Japanese market will be more important than Jani's mood today.

When we start working, we are all inspired by hope and new professional commitment, but as time goes by, routine and addictiveness change it. In 4 hours we will "refresh" our contract of employment with the organization in which we work to understand your personal motivation and awaken the joy of work.

Benefits: Motivated staff willing to actively participate in achieving the organization's goals.

Methods: Maslow 8 needs pyramid, social exchange theory, theory of expectation, group work, role play.