If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.
/Andrew Carnegie - entrepreneur, the richest man in America in the 20th century/

Leader`s Log Book is a practical assistant to the manager. It helps to understand when and what manager`s tools to use to ensure both your personal effectiveness and outstanding team work results.

The guiding principles summarized in the Log Book are based on the management experience gained over many years in enterprises of various sizes and industries.


How to use Leader`s Log Book?

The Leader's Log Book should be used as a notebook in which you record your work and tasks, questions that you must think of, and draw only for yourself understandable shapes during meetings.

The Leader's Log Book is the place for your goals for the year and month, and if you want - also for each day. You can print pages and evaluate how you are doing.

The Leader's Log Book will tell you what to do and how to handle the various manager`s situations in a daily life.


The Leader's Log Book`s creators Anita Gaile and Jolanta Jansone have accumulated and mastered their managerial experience for many years in enterprises of various sizes and industries. The designer of the book is Ilze Magdalēna Kļaviņa.

Anita Gaile

I believe that continuous development is small steps taken every day to become an outstanding leader.

Anita Gaile is a change architect helping people and companies to grow. She is a certified coach and business trainer, runs various form seminars and training on change management, staff management, preparation for future challenges of businesses. Anita develops management manuals and various aids for companies.

Managerial experience for many years in enterprises of various industries and sizes (e.g. Air Baltic Corporation, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Citadele bank) have helped to understand what tools and approaches will be most effective in each case. Anita enriches her practical experience with doctoral studies in business management. Academic knowledge and ability to analyze and critically look at things and see the whole picture allow Anita to help managers coping with both day-to-day challenges and managing change in their businesses and lives.

Jolanta Jansone

I want to live in a world where people get inspired by believing themselves, their abilities and talents, can realize their potential and fulfill their dreams.

Jolanta is bound by personality development and leadership themes. Working as a staff manager, coach and trainer she helps people to succeed.  Manager`s skills Jolanta has developed for more than 10 years. Currently she maintains a staff management system for a team of 600 people, providing support to managers everyday, reinvigorating the company's culture and values, helping employees to grow and making her team more integrated and motivated.

Practical skills are continually enriched with academic knowledge. Jolanta has two master's degrees, is a certified NLP master and has both an individual and a team coach certificate.