From change architect Anita Gaile
And cartoonist Gatis Šļūka


It's something to keep near on the work table or in jacket pocket to find the right card in a difficult situation and look at the situation with other eyes - with a smile or doing simple practical steps to make the situation move from the eternal frost point.


Crib in the most suitable format – in hand-sized cards change architect Anita Gaile has compiled solutions for 20 challenging situations in manager`s job. Each of them is deeply based on academic justification and the practical approval that has been studied for years.

With humor

For each of the 20 questions, cartoonist Gatis Sļūka has created an illustration. Sometimes it's just humor that lets you look at the situation from a different perspective and see the solution.  The set of cards will be a good gift for the manager at Christmas (or in any other case of gifting) - with humor and helpful!


Leader`s crib in 20 complex situations: 

  • What to do on the first day in a manager`s position?
  • What style of management to choose?
  • How to motivate yourself?
  • How to motivate employees with different competencies and different motivations?
  • How to deal with conflict?
  • How to get along with the employees of different generations?

  • How to communicate using electronic means of communication?
  • How to manage meetings?
  • How to make decisions?
  • How to build and maintain motivation?
  • How to thank an employee for a good job?
  • How to express criticisms to an employee?
  • How, what and whom to delegate?

  • How to control properly?
  • How to plan goal achievement?
  • How to organize a team work?
  • How to restore motivation for a long-term employee?
  • How to help an employee on his/her first working day?
  • How to realize the intended change?
  • How to direct a new idea?


Anita Gaile

is a change architect helping people and companies to grow. She is a certified coach and business trainer, runs various form seminars and training on change management, staff management, preparation for future challenges of businesses. Anita develops management manuals and various aids for companies.

Managerial experience for many years in enterprises of various industries and sizes (e.g. Air Baltic Corporation, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and Citadele bank) have helped to understand what tools and approaches will be most effective in each case. Anita enriches her practical experience with doctoral studies in business management. Academic knowledge and ability to analyze and critically look at things and see the whole picture allow Anita to help managers coping with both day-to-day challenges and managing change in their businesses and lives.


Gatis Šļūka

Already in grade 1 he realized that he wanted to become a cartoonist, and was already drawing schoolwork in cartoon style. As Gatis himself says, he had already seen too much magazine Dadzis. In his childhood Walt Disney and Gunārs Bērziņš were role models from whom he learned a lot. Gatis has graduated from the Riga College of Applied Arts and received a Master's Degree in Graphic Arts at the Latvian Academy of Arts, as well as animation courses at A Film Latvia. Currently Gatis` cartoons are published in many press releases - Latvijas Avīze, Sporta Avīze, Autobild Latvia, FHM and others. Gatis` works are also exhibited at various exhibitions in Latvia and abroad, and he is happy to engage in interesting projects. More about Gatis you can find out on his website.