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Annual Employees’ Development and Motivation Talks

The end of the year is approaching with a wide range of steps, and very soon, both the employees will wait and yourself will want to sit with each of them to discuss how has gone, what has been achieved, what's left unfulfilled and what would like to be next year. Annual development and motivation talks are an indispensable tool for promoting employee engagement. Since they happen once a year (maybe twice), such a conversation requires a lot of extra effort.  I have experienced myself how awkward such conversations tend to be, especially if we work side by side every day, and it seems – what is much more to talk about.

Then helps by yourself or personnel division prepared conversation plan with which to stick and a little practice before - how to say good and improvable, and what questions to ask to turn on the employee's internal motivation!


The Art of Management

Enterprises are formed by people who engage, cooperate and together achieve their goals. How to manage employees in the 21st century, read here.

Work and Career

Being happy is the basic need for human. And in a large extent we also realize it through our professional lives - what we are doing and how we are doing it. It is therefore important to know what exactly is missing for yourself to complete fulfillment at work, and how to achieve it. About career coaching read more here.

Made for You

With great love created materials which summarize my knowledge and experience to assist you to be more successful manager – Leader`s Log Book and Leader`s Crib.

People| Organizations| Future

"I am a management and career advisor and coach. My belief is that prosperous and sustainable businesses are made of successful people. The success is based on effective workplace relationships that are formed between professional managers and appreciated employees.

I am co-author of the "Effective Manager'sHandbook", which was created at the initiative of the State Chancellery, and author of publications for managers - The Leader`s Log Book and The Leader`s Crib. I lead training seminars and advise people and organization organizations in strategic management, personnel management, leadership skills, change management and career guidance.

My education and professional experience CV is here.”

Anita Gaile

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